Wednesday, April 26, 2017

$600 for a premium sound system - is it possible?

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The Sony Sound system in the 802a package is pretty nice, but it's lacking in clarity and needs a little more 'punch' on the low end... so I have a fun DIY project that I'll be pursuing...

While I'm not an audophile, I do enjoy music and if you have long trips - may as well be good to your ears!  :)

Here's the running list of parts - the total cost is about $570 which includes enough Dynamat to cover the whole inside of the truck!

Here's the thread that started my quest!

Some Dynamat to install around the doors and other places...

In recent discoveries, you'll need 2 x of the Dynamat kits, or you can go with the Noico for cheaper!


Ok, let's talk speakers - this is what 'talks' to you - right?  In doing some research, the Pioneer A-series are the 'bang for the buck' and at these prices, I don't see how you can go wrong!

Front Doors are 6x9 with brackets

Rear Doors are 6.5" with brackets

Front pillars have 7/8" tweeters (need a brace for them), and the center dash uses a 3 1/2" speaker


Now we need the subwoofer, amplifier and wiring!  This retrofits into the existing subwoofer cabinet.