SPD Exhaust Adapters for the 3.5L Ecoboost F-150 Ford Raptor

Engines are air-pumps - plainly said, more air in = more air out.  In general, if you can move more air/fuel - you make more power...

This is why SPD Performance created these SPD Exhaust Adapters - see below...

So you wonder - what the heck is this?
If you see below, the SPD adapter is on the left and the OEM adapter is on the right... These larger adapters will maximize flow, greatly reduce exhaust back-pressure and help to lower Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGTs). 
The outlet is 2.3125" ID compared to the stock outlet which is 2.0625" ID. This is a 25% increase in area for the exhaust to leave the turbo...

You'll need a stud puller - well worth the $20 to save your knuckles!

The guys at the garage had all the right tools to install these puppies... thank God!

They seem to be doing the job - the exhaust sounds a little deeper too!

F-150 Ford Raptor VTA (Vent to Air) MOD - so simple!

OK - gosh I feel like I should be 17 again...  you know, that cool WHOOSH sound that a turbo car makes, well dammit - mine can do it too! LOL

There's a simple VTA (Vent to Air) MOD that takes the hose off the blowoff/bypass valve that vents the excess turbo pressure and you plug the return hose - instant PSSSHHH!

First - buy a really nice billet plug - I got mine used for $20 shipped.

Some guys use this (honestly you can!)

Simply remove the plate under the front driver skid plate, you know - the one you take off to change the oil filter... 6 bolts, super easy.  You reach up and simply untwist the hose connecting to the BOV off the intercooler.  You can see the hose disconnected below.

Next, you take your fancy plug and stick it in the hose you just removed.

Now, just so I can be cool - I ziptied the hose to the BOV so it won't be jangling around by the fans
And here's the sound r…

My visit to Whipple Supercharger in Fresno

I setup a fantastic Group Buy for the Whipple Stage 1 Kit online - we hoped to get at least 10 guys in to get the discount, little did I know that 42 people signed up in 2 days!!  If you know Whipple Superchargers then you understand why they're so good!  They've been around for decades and are most popularly know for their twin-screw superchargers.

Well, the 2017 Ford Raptor - is a twin-turbo V6, so why the heck would Whipple mess with a turbo car?  It's a totally different forced induction running from exhaust gases versus compressing incoming ambient air like a supercharger does... well, it's because Whipple has had a masterful relationship with Ford and they work together to build an amazing ECU tune for this truck!

The kit comes with a new Cold Air Intake (CAI), a bigger intercooler (which is critical in keeping temps lower), and of course the masterful computer retune.  I visited the Whipple home site in Fresno, CA and dropped it off for the upgrades.

Naturally t…

who wants a do it all boom box with a Ford logo?

This is so retro cool - who wants to buy me one?

it's badass!
8-inch woofer, 3-inch tweeter, and 100-watt peak power amplifier pumps up the volume - great for outdoor adventure!IPX4 water-resistant - okay to leave in the rain"All-terrain tire" rubber-treaded body and 75-hour rechargeable battery for uninterrupted fun from a durable speakerTelescoping handle, wheels, and two side carrying handles give you all you need for portabilityIncludes 12V input jacks and cable to keep your speaker working while you're on the go

Installation of the Ford Raptor Lights Kit - you can do it!

From a previous post, I jumped on the Black Friday deal at and had a custom setup delivered.
When the kit arrived, I was super excited.
I've never owned a truck, and I've never wired up lights before - but the new Ford Raptor makes it REALLY easy with the AUX switches that are built into the ceiling console.  For some, this is a trivial install - but it's fun to try something NEW!   Here's the process and steps I took to install...
Custom Triple Bezel Kit Full With Wire Harness Brackets  KC HiLiTES Flex Lights and all hardware × 1 KC HiLiTES FLEX amber covers × 1 BAJA SQUADRON SPORT DRIVING COMBO PAIR BAJA SQUADRON PRO SPOT PAIR

Unboxed everything, all in great shape!  Seriously good quality in this build - the frames are SOLID and each piece fits together perfectly!
Here's a closer look at one of the frames with the KC HiLites 10W LED and amber cover.
 One of the amb…