Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Line-X bed-liner - GREAT STUFF!

Well you can't have a pickup without using the bed - but you want to protect the bed too!  I mean you wouldn't throw a desk, table, and chairs on your freshly painted door would you?  heck no!   So I opted to get the bed Line-X premium coating - it's the pinnacle of bed protection wife a lifetime warranty.  The guys at Line-X Rancho Cordova were AWESOME!

Here's the Raptor bed, with it's naked Avalanche paint...  purdy :)   but let's keep it that way!

So here's some pics of the bed with the fresh coat plus UV protection (part of the Premium package)

Do you notice the bed bolts and screws?  YES!  Line-X removes all those - sprays the bed then re-assembles everything so it looks like it came from the factory this way!  Actually, if you buy the factory bedliner, they spray over all the bolts... ugh!

And we had the rear fender wells done too - it really protects and makes it easy to clean up!