Tuesday, April 18, 2017

McGard Tailgate lock - well worth it!

Tailgate thefts are on the rise!  Why? Well the average modern tailgate costs north of $2,000 - yep!

That's crazy!  The Raptor tailgate has a camera, an LED light, a built in shock to gently lower the tailgate, an integrated step and the applique which cost $500 just from the factory order - so YES I want to protect it!

Pickup tailgate theft is on the rise, insurance industry says

In comes a simple solution - use a 60 cent hose clamp!

Well yes while a hose clamp will work, I'm not about to put it on my new truck - so in comes the McGard 76029 Tailgate Lock

McGard is a well known name in vehicle security and for less than $20 you can securely know that your tailgate is much safer than before!

Took about 5 minutes to install...

Here is the kit unboxed, a collar for the tailgate hinge, the lock, a custom key for the lock, a cap to cover the lock and instructions.  I used my cordless drill to loosen/tighten the collar.

Once you get the tailgate open, you literally hold it 45 degrees and it slides out - no wonder they're stolen so easily!  It's crazy how simple!

Next - affix the collar around the cup on the bed - use the tape provided to hold the opening in place so it lines up with the cup opening.

Now you can set the tailgate back into position - notice how the cup covers the tailgate hinge.  Now you can discard the tape.

Here's what the cup looks like once the tailgate is setup and laid flat...

Now wrap the collar around the cup with the key facing up - thread the clamp and tighten

Make sure the lock is facing upward in the same position as the tailgate bed - place the cover over the keyhole and you're done!

Now you'll just want to keep the key in a safe place and register your key code with McGard!